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Is your eCommerce website design making you as much money as you think it can?

If it isn’t, then maybe it’s time to reinvest in a new eCommerce website design and store

There are many reasons why an eCommerce website design does not perform to your expectations:

Does the store list your products and show multiple photos of your products?
Does it allow an extended search function so your products can be found using various search criteria?
Has the eCommerce development company made the the shopping basket and purchasing system a simple and fluid operation allowing the customer to feel secure in their purchase and a quick click process rather going through different stages that are not needed?
Does your eCommerce website design allow you to offer SALE prices or even generate discount codes to help in a marketing campaign?

We at Core Design who are a responsible eCommerce development company take every effort in covering everything that will be required for a successful eCommerce website design and store and give our customers a choice of 2 ways to build and design the website.

Low cost eCommerce web design

We have our own eCommerce web design system which we have developed over many years

It allows us to offer cheap low cost eCommerce stores at a fraction of the cost it would be to develop them from scratch. We can brand each eCommerce web store individually and enables the template to be adjusted through its CSS to give what looks like a custom branded web shop. It gives a whole host of eCommerce features expected to run a successful eCommerce store and can use all the major payment gateways to take payments.

It does everything that any eCommerce web design needs to with the back up that it is on a proven eCommerce platform that gives online tutorials and even an email ticketing system if you are unsure of anything.

Custom eCommerce web design

If you want a custom designed eCommerce web design that you fully own and can move whenever you want then we can do that also. All the features and functions form our eCommerce system can be included with any specific custom features that you require added in.

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