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The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, we’re assuming by now you may have come across the term, but do you know what is it really about?

SEO work (Search Engine Optimisation) involves increasing your websites visibility by achieving higher ranking positions within search engines, such as Google.

Everyone wants to be on page 1

Most internet users will start with a search engine. With over 40,000 search queries processed every second by Google, it is the most popular search engine taking the majority market share from Yahoo and Bing.

Getting to the first page of Google’s searches, with over 62% of searchers clicking on the first-page links, makes total sense that everyone wants to be on page 1. 

Being in the top 3 positions in the searches dramatically increases the number of visitors.

We have many years experience of getting sites listed on Google under local geographic searches and national searches.

Full Service SEO

On-site optimisation prepares your website for search algorithms and users. It is the basis of what search engines use to rank your website in searches.

On-site optimisation is the process of making your website appeal to both search engines and users. It reviews and improves both the public face of your website and the behind the scenes coding and technical set-up that only search engines see.

On-site optimisation is the foundation of any SEO work. If your website does not have any on site optimisation then arranging any off site optimisation work will be very quickly diluted.

The process will vary from website to website. If you are in a competitive market online, then the amount of work required will be higher than in a less competitive area for instance.

Off-site optimisation is external work required to help your positioning in search engines.
 Link building is a large part of off-site optimisation work. 
We have many avenues to use for your link building campaign which will be advised at the outset of any work we do.

With every campaign we undertake, we believe in clear communication & transparency in what we quote on

We believe this is key to building a long term business relationship with our customers.

So for on going SEO work we will review results and let you know what the next plan of action is for every stage of the SEO work.

By setting up website analytics, we will be able to show you the number of visitors to the website, even things like how many visitors went onto which page etc.

Our aim is to enable even small businesses to compete with larger organisations on the internet

As well as giving increased results our aim is always to enable you to build your brand online and so in turn increase your credibility online.

Our planned structured SEO work will do this for you.

SEO to Boost Traffic to Your Website

We can help you generate high quality traffic and then convert into customers

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