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Brochure Design for The Camping & Caravanning Club
We have been brochure designers since 2001 giving great value brochure design for any sized UK businesses.
Brochure design for Dunlop Loadsafe

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    Company Brochure Design

    We believe Brochures & Brochure design still have a major role in a businesses marketing plan.

    The good news is our brochure designers have designed and printed sales winning brochures for many different companies for over 20 years. We have customers from Coventry, Birmingham, London, Bristol, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Solihull, and Rugby areas. So wherever you are in the UK we will be able to interpret your Brochure requirement into a Brochure Design to be proud of.

    From creative flair to expert eye for detail we believe our expert brochure designers have the relevant skills to design your brochure.

    We will work with you to make sure you end up with a brochure that your sales team can have confidence in and help them in their sales role.

    The finished brochure design can be used for printing or it can be used for a digital brochure or both. Once the brochure design has been completed for print it is then a matter of choosing which digital brochure platform to use to make it digitalised.

    Are you looking for a professional company brochure design?

    If you are then it's best to use a brochure design agency that has a great track record who will design you a brochure that will exceed your expectations.

    You may have tried brochure design template websites available and found you want something better because your business deserves it. That is no problem, talk to our expert brochure designers today.

    You can all us on 024 7660 1351 or complete our quick enquiry form.

    Why is a brochure design so valuable?

    There are many reasons, for instance:

    We believe a professionally designed company brochure is valuable because it delivers your message to potential clients in a visually appealing way that leaves a lasting impression making it one of the best marketing investments you could ever make for your business. We have written a blog post about why are brochures important.

    Also there is still nothing like a great designed and printed brochure that oozes quality – the quality image that it projects about your company.

    A good brochure design will differentiate your business from your competitors.

    Your sales team will love your brochure! If it's a digital brochure they can send to potential clients. If it's a printed brochure it can be left after a meeting.

    LLOYDS Bespoke Furniture A5 Brochure Design
    MSS Lasers NitroCube Brochure Design
    So what makes a successful Brochure Design?
    To design an effective brochure, there are lots of different things that need to be considered, but some of the most important factors are:

    The Copy & How it Flows

    It is important to tell your story and so the copy has to be clear to understand.

    Create a Concept

    Designing a cover design and inside spreads will illustrate our ideas on how to tell your story and communicate with your readers.


    Font options and sizes can make all the difference and can dictate the tone of the brochure – hard sell, technical, informational for instance.

    Graphics & Images

    Creating custom graphics, icons or infographics for your brochure all help in communicating sometimes technical and detailed information in a much easier way.

    Format & Sizes

    We will take a look at size options and whether to use a portrait or landscape orientation.

    Convert to Digital

    We can even create the brochure as an online page turning brochure.

    Finishing Touches

    If you are investing in a designed and printed brochure you also need to make sure the final finishes in the print stage are correct. We can help in giving advice on paper weight and finishes and any additions like lamination and embossing.
    How our brochure designers will work with you to get the brochure you want


    Brochure Design Development

    Our brochure designers will work with you to develop a custom brochure design based on your requirements. To start they will discuss the format, content, photography and image elements to ensure you get what you need.


    Brochure Design Concept

    Depending on the discussions our graphic designers will quickly produce a range of conceptual layouts consisting of cover and inside spread designs. You then have the opportunity of which brochure design concept you prefer or make amendments to any.


    Brochure Design Implementation

    Once the brochure design concept is confirmed our graphic designers then go ahead and add the text and image elements to give you a complete proof of your brochure for a final approval. Finalising and fine tuning the text may happen now so you get the stunning and exciting brochure your business deserves.


    Brochure Design Completion

    We supply various digital formats of your company brochure and print copies where requested. Then our expert marketers help you create a strategy to engage new and existing clients. Once this project is finished, it is not over. We will provide ongoing support to help your company meet its goals.
    UKCGE Annual Report Brochure
    Brochure Design for The Camping & Caravanning Club
    Free Digital Brochure Design
    There are many platforms to use to upload a digital brochure to.

    We have used one called for many years, in fact you can view our own digital brochure design from 12 years ago here > are a really useful platform for uploading digital brochure designs to and they even have an option that is Free.

    Why use Core Design Communications Ltd for your brochure design?

    Having over 40 years combined experience of brochure design and brochure design and printing, you can rest assured that our brochure designers will give you the brochure that you want.
    Having knowledge and experience of many industries we may have already designed a brochure within that industry sector. This makes it easier for our brochure designers to understand your business and then put into action a brochure design that works exactly like you would want.
    Our brochure designers vast experience allows them to pick up and check every bit of detail in your brochure whatever number of pages it may have which leads to a quicker time in designing the brochure and no nasty last minute amends.
    With over 20 years experience in brochure design we know what colours combine to work well together, what size it should be and even what format a successful brochure should be depending on our clients business.
    So do not be fooled into thinking an online template brochure design website is going to design you the brochure design you really want, it takes years of experience.

    Contact our brochure designers today and save yourself both time and money.