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Our Mobile Design Services

With mobile users now making up over half of all traffic to websites and more visitors than ever being mobile, it’s time to make sure that your website is mobile optimised.

The users in 2020 has been reported as 50.88% from mobiles, 46.39% desktop and 2.74% tablet.

So this is proof that your website has to work across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

The good news is that we have a vast amount of experience in designing fully functional responsive websites that work across desktops, tablets and mobile devices. The way a Responsive wesbite works is very clever, it resizes itself continually in proportion to the size of the device it is on so it looks and works prefectly.

Benefits of Mobile Design

A responsive website comes with many benefits, not only is it preferred by Google it is easier to manage.

It is important to be liked by Google to be found in its searches and to do this it is important that your website is accessible at all times on any device,we know this because this is part of Googles search algorithm.

There are certain design restrictions imposed by a Responsive website but the positives are seen to far outweigh this negative.

Alternatively a mobile specific web design is not seen so well by Google, so if you are having a website for the first time or changing your current website make sure it is a Responsive website.

Designing a new website or re designing an existing one, our web designers are on hand to work on this from start to completion and beyond with further Digital Marketing services.
Make sure your website is found across all mobile devices at all times.
For a seamless desktop, tablet and mobile optimised website, you need it to be responsive.
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Mobile Website or Mobile App?

A mobile website is more of a business generating tool when compared to a mobile app. A mobile application, mostly known as an app, is a type of application software designed to run on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. The point of a mobile website is to make sure it displays and runs perfectly on different sized devices when used on the internet.

Mobile apps can be divided into two broad categories: ones that are native apps and ones that are web apps. Native apps are built for a specific mobile operating system, usually iOS or Android.

Native apps give much better performance and a more finely-tuned user interface (UI), and usually need to pass a much stricter development and quality assurance process before they are released.

Having a mobile app on your smartphone encourages the use of it because it can be left open for instant access. Also the usability features of an app also make it a valuable tool alongside an actual mobile website

Our mobile designers and consultants are very happy to hear from you about launching a mobile app for your business.

Mobile Design vs Responsive Website Design

More often than not a Responsive web design is preferred over a mobile dedicated design. They are both closely connected but there are slight cross overs.

The key difference between the 2 is that with a Responsive website, coding and development is used to adapt to the device being used.  Whereas a dedicated mobile website is usually designed specifically for a specific mobile device. This means it may not perform perfectly across all different devices and browsers.

To discuss more about Responsive web design in Coventry we are very happy to answer any queries that you have.