Why is Email marketing is as popular as ever

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emailer design

Like them or not but businesses still say email marketing give the best return on spend than any other marketing function. This includes comparing to marketing functions like with SEO, Social media marketing, telesales, exhibitions and advert campaigns. So why is email marketing still so popular? 1. Email is an easy way to reach mobile customers.  One reason email marketing … Read More

How Branding matters in social media

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Smart logo designs of social media icons

Scroll through virtually any website these days and you’ll be bombarded with a host of beautiful, sleek images. From website designs that are clean and cool to an Instagram account giving rustic-yet-idyllic theme, when it comes to modern social media marketing, looks matter more than ever. With the rapid pace of the modern web, it’s not surprising that companies and … Read More

Branding for a Coventry Estate Agents

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Logo and branding design for Harrington and Co

Harrington and co estate agents recently underwent a rebrand as they distinguished themselves from new smaller estate agents coming into the market. We were approached by Harringtons to create a new logo and new branding. Their previous logo and styling was quite old and was not projecting the right image of their estate agency. They had noticed that over time … Read More

What is content marketing and why you need to do it

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Content marketing infographic

Content marketing is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not directly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services. Its a type of soft selling, it gives the reader free information and insight into a subject. By … Read More

How to rebrand your business in 3 steps – Create the right buzz

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Branding -Love Bathrooms Logo design

Is your company thinking of having a rebrand? At Core design in Coventry we’re proven experts at carrying out rebrands for a variety of businesses, regardless of sector. We’ve carried out exciting and creative branding and rebranding for clients in all sorts of industries including engineering, retail, education etc. We understand the decision to undertake a rebrand is huge – … Read More

Web design and SEO

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When we design a website and have been asked to search engine optimise it we have formulated way of doing this. In brief this is what we do for SEO work: 1/ research keywords and key phrases for that websites service or products 2/ Make a list of around 10 of the these based on number of searches against the … Read More

Web design for a Coventry office fit out, suspended ceiling and office partitions company

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website design sample for office refurbishment coventry

We have just completed a Responsive web design for Holl & holl an office refurbishment company with over 30 years experience. We started with our FREE MARKETING REVIEW in which we highlighted their online competitors. We then researched the popular keywords and phrases that were being used to find their type of services which forms part of the SEO (search … Read More

A new web design for an expanding coventry organisation

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Web design coventry for SJ Solutions Website design in coventry

We have recently completed as web design for www.sjsolutionsgroup.co.uk The project was not just a new web design but started with us rebranding them. They have recently expanded and wanted a new corporate look, so we firstly designed their logo. From designing a set of logo ideas one was chosen with some amendments to do. From completing the logo design … Read More

Web design for a Coventry Company – An e commerce web design

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Web design coventry for ecommerce web design and website development

We have recently completed a redesign of an E commerce website for a local coventry company www.razorblades4u.co.uk They previously had an E commerce web design by a national web design agency found online. However having paid in full for their web design they found things were not quite right. Simple functions that an E commerce website should have were being … Read More