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Designing a publication like an Annual Report year upon year means you have to create something which is even better each year.

Designing an annual report, or an annual review or any other report communication the trick is getting the balance between brand style and the message it needs to give.

We love designing any type of report or publication. Our design process will give you lots of different options as well as paying attention to detail.

We believe its our creative flair coupled with attention to detail thats sets us apart as your first choice to contact for your annual report design, any report design or any publication.

Creative. Effective.
So why use CORE for your annual report design?

To design an effective annual report or similar report publication there are certain things that should be considered.

We can help illustrate your Years Story.

It is vital that the annual report design agency can firstly understand the years achievements and then able to put this together forming a seamless journey through the whole report.

Our graphic design skills.

Our creative graphic design skills enables us to design graphics, images, icons and info graphics that helps illustrate things which is valuable in any modern publication.

Use of typography.

The choice of fonts is a main ingredient to designing a successful annual report. There may be restrictions in the brand guidelines to fonts and their sizes to use but using a long established design agency like CORE you can be confident we can successfully implement these.

Sizes and Formats.

Having designing reports for over 20 years we can offer you all the choices of sizes and format that will work for your organisation. Portrait, landscape or even squared formats are all options, we will look at your content and advise what we think will work for you.

Print Experience.

We can advise of all the finishes available from lamination to uv varnishing.


We have been designing annual reports and reports and publications for over 20 years.

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