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Since 2001, we have been creating strong brand identities for small, to medium sized businesses, across many sectors.

As a creative branding agency, we aim to build better brands for new start ups, or for established ones who want to go to the next level.

If you are serious about building a brand design that defines who you are, then please get in touch, as a leading branding agency in the UK we will get right back.

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Branding is.

A name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of all of these, to identify the goods and services of one seller to differentiate them from those of other sellers.

In more detail, branding is a business process that is planned, specific in nature and integrated throughout the company.

Whatever it means to you, getting your brand design or brand identity strategy wrong can be costly.

In an ever increasingly competitive marketplace, in whatever sector you are in, a lacklustre brand identity or brand design will fail – the importance of branding is paramount.

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Brand design example for bridgeport
Brand design example for ETG -internal office signage


Keeping your brand design fresh and relevant to your market is crucial.

Another reason for rebranding is that brands now need to perform across an ever-changing array of media, devices and personas.

A brand design that was inspiring a few years ago, now may now look out of date.

Creating a rebrand will re-energise your branding to reach new customers and re-engage existing ones.

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Previous Brand Logo Design for ETG


New Brand Logo Design for ETG


Trust us.

We can create the perfect brand design for your business.

Having been established since 2001, we can show you a long track record of marketing for small, to medium sized businesses, that have flourished to larger businesses.

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Brand Design or Brand Identity.

A brand design or brand identity  is the visual, outward expression of the corporate brand.

Brand design also known as brand identity can be split into these parts:

Brand Design.

This includes such things as logos, letterheads, uniforms, stationery, packaging designs, etc.

Corporate Communication.

This refers to the various marketing mediums like websites, brochures, advertisements, mailers, commercials, press releases, public relations… anything that communicates with the general public.

Corporate Behaviour.

This encompasses the internal values and characteristics of the entire corporate culture and the employees who make it up.

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Just Logos.

You may simply want a logo created that emphasises your business service.

Logo Design.

Logo design or redesign will normally be the start of your branding work. This work can be extended by creating your Logo guidelines.

Logo Guidelines.

Logo guidelines are essential for brand consistency for internal staff to follow or external agencies to use. We will supply the finished logo in its various formats for web and print and supply with its pantone and CMYK values.

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