How Branding matters in social media

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Smart logo designs of social media icons

Scroll through virtually any website these days and you’ll be bombarded with a host of beautiful, sleek images. From website designs that are clean and cool to an Instagram account giving rustic-yet-idyllic theme, when it comes to modern social media marketing, looks matter more than ever.

With the rapid pace of the modern web, it’s not surprising that companies and leaders in social media and the web are leaning more towards simplistic images to catch people’s eye in a very crowded web space.

Everything moves faster, and people want an image that stands out – that’s where the importance of strong design and branding come in.

Colour choice

Most companies will have a set colour palette that they use in all their design and artwork. This usually consists of a dominant or base colour, an accent colour, and complimentary neutrals. What you’re looking for is a colour scheme that works well together; it should be an ideal blend of colours that showcase who you are and all your best work. Having a strong colour palette sets you up for creating unique and beautiful designs that use a combination of colours in all sorts of ways. Whether you opt for soft neutrals and pastels, or something brighter and bolder, always think about what kind of impression you want to project. It’s worth researching colour association too, to see how different colours elicit certain feelings and emotions for people. A good rule when choosing a colour palette is that you should be able to pick any colours in the selection and they work together regardless.
Images and Visuals
It’s been proven over and over that using a graphic on your social media post o boosts visitor engagement and retention massively.
Whether its a photo, a graphic, an animation, a video having something for people to look at and engage with hugely increases people both seeing you and engaging with you online.
When creating your branding think about what images, icons or graphics you may need to use and them professionally designed, remember these still represent your brand image and you don’t want to go off brand.
Link it back to what you want to project as your impression to potential customers. Vary your graphics and update them and keep things fresh.
If you’re selling a product show examples of your current work or pictures of products. If it’s a service then as an idea you could get a set of icons designed that illustrate what you do or get a video produced.
Tie your branding in with minimalistic logo stamps or animated title cards for videos – it leaves a good impression on visitors and potential customers.
The importance of high-quality images is paramount in a world where almost everyone can be a photographer if they have access to a smartphone. Don’t use poor quality images, always try and get something that is sharp and reflects your brand in a positive way. You want to reflect your brand well, and a grainy phone photo just doesn’t do that. Either use a good quality smartphone or get yourself a DSLR camera for crisp, professional looking photos.
Don’t be afraid to be quirky though! If an image fits in with your brand, go ahead and use it. It shows you’re keeping up with current trends and embrace topics of the moment, and can help you stand out from the crowd as being more fun and approachable.

Brand Identity

Remember, only you can dictate your branding. Make the most of this to turn it into some great looking designs and graphics to show customers exactly what your brand offers. When people see the level of effort and care that’s gone into making something look amazing, it builds a sense of trust and you’re demonstrating how much effort you can provide to them too.
Use a professional graphic design agency to do this if you haven’t already got images that will work on your social media. A top graphic design agency like ourselves at Core Design Communications Ltd will be able to quickly understand your branding enabling us to design exciting graphics that you can use and possibly re use on other marketing as well.

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