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Make an Impact.
Your Business Explained.

Brochures still have major role in a marketing plan.

We have designed and printed brochures for many different businesses for over 20 years. From creative flair to expert eye for detail our skills and experience of designing brochures is second to none.

We work with you to make sure you end up with a brochure that your sales team can have confidence in and help them in their sales role.

There is still nothing like a great designed and printed brochure that oozes quality – the quality image that it projects about your company.

Clear. Effective.
How do we create that perfect brochure?

To design an effective brochure, there are lots of different things that need to be considered, but some of the most important factors are:

The copy and how it flows.

It is important to tell your story and so the copy has to be clear to understand.

Create a concept.

Designing a cover design and inside spreads will illustrate our ideas on how to tell your story and communicate with your readers.


Font options and sizes can make all the difference and can dictate the tone of the brochure – hard sell, technical, informational for instance.

Graphics and images.

Creating custom graphics, icons or infographics for your Brochure all help in communicating sometimes technical and detailed information in a much easier way.

Format and sizes.

We will take a look at size options and whether to use a portrait or landscape orientation.

Convert to digital.

We can even create the brochure as an online page turning brochure.

Finishing Touches.

If you are investing in a designed and printed brochure you also need to make sure the final finishes in the print stage are correct. We can help in giving advice on paper weight and finishes and any additions like lamination and embossing.

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