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Feeler VMP Series Brochures Inside Pages

This was an unusual Brochure design request. It was to design a Brochure for ETG (Engineering Technology Group) who had license to sell Feeler vertical machining centre machines in the UK. Unusually also our brochure designers had to account for being supplied with machine pictures which each had to be edited, cropped and cleaned up so they were good enough to be printed.

Our brochure designers created this cover design including a secondary logo
Our brochure designers created this cover design including a secondary logo

The Brochure Design Brief

Machine Tool Division of the group FFG was established in 1985, the FEELER brand was established for the overseas marketing.
ETG our client had the UK rights to sell FEELER machining centers. ETG had their own current branding but wanted to market the FEELER brand under their own company umbrella.

What was done

Our creative brochure designers solution was to create mock ups on how to create a new secondary logo incorporating FEELER with ETG’S.
This was accepted and was included in these set of Brochures. You can see how our brochure designers included this on the front cover.
The brochure itself was agreed to be A4 portrait in size. The content itself was translated from Chinese from the original FFG publications to English to be used.
The brochure was required to be a technical one and used lots of screenshots of displays and charts.

Chosen brochure layouts
Chosen brochure layouts

Graphic design services

We love designing brochures whatever it is for. Sometimes we need to employ all our graphic design skills to get the end brochure as the client requires. On this occasion there was a lot of Photoshop work. This can happen when products are not available to be photographed within the time frame that the Brochure is needed. The photoshop work cut out images from backgrounds that would not to be seen through to colour correcting the images so they looked vivid when printed.

This is a further illustration of how flexible we can be for whatever graphic design services are needed.

Digital Brochures

Did you know we can create digital brochures from your brochure design artwork? We can bring your brochure alive as a digital brochure which can also include inserted links to website information.

Graphic Design agency

Whether you need a small brochure, a flyer to promote your local business or any other printed literature we can help.

Our graphic design agency designs any printed marketing literature ranging from stationery, flyers and leaflets, brochures and catalogues through to large format signs and exhibition graphics.

As well as graphic design we can also arrange the printing of your marketing literature.

If you are considering having a brochure and would like a professional brochure designer to have a look first, please contact us on 024 7660 1351 or email info@core365.co.uk

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