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MSS NitroCube Brochure Design Inside Pages

Our brochure designers created this brochure to show the advantages and benefits of MSS Lasers High Power Fiber Laser Cutting machine.

Our brochure designers created these brochure layouts
Our brochure designers created these brochure layouts

The Brief of this Brochure Design

The client wanted to launch their High Power Fiber Laser Cutting machine to the UK market.
With only a bit of information on a web pages they wanted to use their brochures to be used on 1 to 1 sales appointments.

The client wanted the company brochure design to work within their existing branding. They also wanted to differentiate the NitrO2 Laser from their other range of products.

What we did

From text supplied and 1 image our Brochure designers advised an A5 sized brochure would work best.
This also allowed for the inclusion of a large amount of information and tables.
Using our graphic design services we created visuals and mock up proofs.

Chosen brochure cover design
Chosen brochure cover design

Creative Brochure Design Experts

Our enthusiasm for Creative Brochure design is kept alive through the varied types of brochures we work on. We understand our clients are individual and that every company may have different budgets and expectations. This is why we are flexible in our approach for designing brochures.

Digital Brochure Options

Did you know we can create a digital brochure from your brochure design artwork? We can bring your brochure alive as a digital brochure which can also include inserted links to website information.

Other Graphic Design Services

Whether you need a small brochure, a flyer to promote your local business or any other printed literature we can help.

Our graphic design services includes design of stationery, flyers and leaflets, brochures and catalogues and signs and exhibition graphics.

As well as graphic design we can also arrange the printing of your marketing literature.

If you are considering having a brochure designed, or any other printed literature and would like a professional brochure designer to have a look first, please contact us on 024 7660 1351 or email

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