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Would you like to be able to add new fresh content to your web design yourself.

Of course businesses would like this option, having the freedom to update your web design when you want is a massive advantage.
Google tells us it is critical to keep your ranking with them by adding new fresh content regularly so doesn’t it make sense to be able to do this yourself ?

Being able to make the changes is fine but how do you know how to do it? It amazes me that some web design agencies hand over a website that may have its own Content management system without giving any instruction in how to use it.

A CMS admin system stands for Content management system and it is an admin system behind the website that will allow a person with no web skills to be able to amend and add content to each of the web pages. If it is a website using the wordpress platform then the design can be altered through choosing another theme but for most the CMS admin is used for updating the individual page content like adding new pictures to a gallery , updating page text or updating a blog or news page.

We at Core Design can set a CMS admin system up for you and also give a tutorial in using the admin system. We researched the admin system and page editors available and believe we have the easiest system for our clients to use.

Our full tutorial can be done in our office or with a scheduled telephone within half an hour, after this and log in details issued you will be able to independently continue to update your web design on your own.

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