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We at Core Design Communications Ltd have specialised in custom website design since we started in business way back in 2001.

Because we started as trained graphic designers it was natural for us to graphically design our websites. In fact, back in 2001 when we started, this was the only way to design websites. However nowadays there are lots of ways to design a website including ‘do it yourself’ style websites using web building platforms like Wix or Squarespace that use pre made templates. But now so called web design agencies are also using pre made website templates to give a customer a website.

Home page image of a Custom Websire Design for House Insulation client

So what is custom website design?

Custom website design distinguishes your business from a competitor.

Some website design agencies consider a custom web design to be anything that has been amended including a template. Some people call heavily modifying a template on a platform as custom web design. On the other end of the scale some website design agencies consider their “custom web design” to be a completely unique designed from nothing and not built on a platform.

We at Core Design Communications Ltd can design websites using whatever method however over the 20 odd years experience we have learnt that customers want custom website design but not at too high a cost. When we say this we mean most small to medium sized companies, however for some requirements a totally custom website design started from scratch may be the only answer.

Unfortunately sometimes people are unaware how a website has been built but we are seeing more and more template websites being offered as custom website design. This may mean a template may have just had a logo inserted and a colour change made and your text inserted into it and its been sold as website custom design.

This is why you will see custom website design advertised as a few hundred pounds.

So what is wrong with a template website?

We answer this with - think about why are you having a website. Most times you have a website to advertise your business but what is the point if your website ends up looking like literally thousands of others, many that may be your competitors.

Custom website design distinguishes your business from a competitor - this is the value of custom website design.


Our custom website design

Creating a totally unique branded website.

Our custom web design is based on using a theme normally on the WordPress platform. The theme we use is a totally editable theme allowing us to design custom designed websites much cheaper than if we started from scratch and gives our customers the same end product.

This allows us to supply to our clients a stunning custom web design at a price most small to medium sized businesses can afford. We can do this because we are graphic designers being able to create customers a totally unique branded website, with custom designed graphics, infographics and icons.

So what other elements make up a custom website design?

Custom Website Design Go LandscapeFonts

Choosing a font or fonts that works with your Branding. Because we are also graphic designers we will design you a website that enhances your branding and font selection can have a massive effect.

Because there is a big relationship between Google and a website we use fonts from Google web fonts.

You would not get this service if a company is choosing to use a template website design.

The colour scheme

Colour choice is a very important part of custom website design. Colours are important because they can give messages from the website and set the tone of the website. We look at the colours used in customers branding and see if any secondary colours can improve the styling bearing in mind the image that the website needs to reflect.

Even though colours can be amended on template web designs will an agency that chooses to use a corner cutting web design template be that bothered to spend time looking at colour options?

Page layout

Deciding on how to arrange your content on websites pages will have a large impact on both the usability and functionality of your site. Firstly the positioning of text and images will have a dramatic affect on how the web page looks. If it looks interesting and easy to read then obviously this visitor will continue on the website.

If text has just been copied onto a web page template then this will not happen and the visitor will quickly lose interest.

Where content is placed on a web page can effect the search engine optimisation (SEO) of a website. If a template is used then there is limited options to do this because the text will need to go in area pre defined by the template.

Spacing is an important part of page layout as well. Spacing can affect how visually pleasing and an easy to navigate the website will be. A custom website design allows us to consider this, we doubt a web agency using a template will consider this or even have the option to when using a template.

Custom Web Design for Direct Plumbing & Heating Midlands WebsiteThe images, infographics & icons created

Because websites have to communicate a lot of information in just a few seconds of the visitor coming onto the website images, pictures and icons play a major part in giving out immediate messages of what the website is about. If the visitor quickly sees the website is what he is looking for he will continue on it.

We take time to design suitable images, icons and infographics as required with our custom website design service. We design our own graphics and images using adobe design software including photoshop that be found from Adobe.

Often a template web design will come with its own images in it and will not allow the use of other pictures elsewhere in the web design. This is why you will come across website after website displaying the same general images.

If a specific image is required to help with the custom website design we will source and buy them to use from stock photography libraries like Shutterstock.

Site structure

Finally we will design a web design structure that is bespoke for a clients web design. This is one of the most important aspects as to why you should have a custom website design because the structure plays a very important role in both user experience (UX) and search engine optimisation (SEO). It enables the user to easily navigate a website without coming across any structural issues, if they do they will quickly come off the website.

If a user is getting lost while attempting to use the website means typically search engine crawlers (bots) will probably as well. This is bad news because a crawler (or bot) is an automated program that searches through your website and can determine its functionality. If its see's problems this will massively affect the websites page ranking, thus leaving it lower in searches than it should.

A template website may be set up to a certain standard technically but it will be too rigid to guarantee a good user experience. The web agency offering this will have to use the set structure of the template and will be left with no other option than to 'crow bar' content into a structure that is not for that content.

Do you need a Custom Website Design?
We would ask these questions first.

Is your brand vital to your online image?
Do your competitors have strong online presences?
Is your website the only advertising your business has?
Do you require special functionality on your website?
What level of website would my potential customers expect me to have?

If you answer yes to two or more of the questions above, you will require a custom website design.

With over 20 years experience of custom website design we at Core Design Communications Ltd are perfectly placed to provide this to you.

Couple the fact that we do and have always worked from a home office allowing us to be at least 35% cheaper for like to like custom web design we will be very happy to provide you with a great quotation for this.

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