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In the current digital world the need to give detailed and eye catching images is increasing all the time

It is known that CGI Imagery generates over 75% more views than standard copy.

In a world where people are seeing images all the time and will click off within seconds the need for exciting images is a must

Our graphic design skills go into our web design to produce clean, professional websites, adding some CGI can be the icing on the cake.

Sometimes a 3D rendered image is required to see it for real even before it exists

For instance, we were first asked if we could create some 3D render images for a housing development web design, you know the sort of thing a 3D rendered image of what the houses and finished housing development will look like.

Goodwin Homes 3D render CGI

For this type of architectural 3D rendering services, we need an architects drawing of the house and a list of the materials to be used to build the house, like the brick type, the windows and door type etc.

We can then create the 3D house render, showing say a front elevation and an aerial view as well. From this we can create a 3D render as a street view and a whole development view if needed.

Then we can take this 3D render a step further and create individual 3D renders of the interior of the house, showing a 3D render of the bathroom, a kitchen or the whole of the house interior layout.

This is all typical of architectural 3D rendering services but 3D rendering can be used for many things.

For instance, we have created a set of 3D renders showing different sized storage units for a self storage company. These 3D renders show what items typically can go into a certain sized storage unit so by us designing 4 different sized units, these 3D renders were used on their website to illustrate the different sized units available.

3D render CGI Extra Room Storage Unit 50 sq ft 72dpi

If you need to visualise something for practical reasons, or just so you can show something before it’s produced, please get in touch

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