What is Branding?

A simple explanation as to what is branding, is to say it is a name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of all of these to identify the goods and services of one seller to differentiate them from those of other sellers.

In more detail, branding is a business process that is planned, specific in nature & integrated throughout the company

Because the corporate brand is a company’s most important asset whatever their size, the process of branding provides the direction, inspiration and energy for the business itself. Branding also influences the organization’s name, identity, logo, stationery, web site, visual expression, philosophy and corporate culture… just about everything the company stands for, all the way down to the look of its facilities and the behaviour of its employees.

With that said to succeed in branding you must understand the needs and wants of your customers and prospects. You do this by integrating your brand strategies through your company at every point of contact which then makes them feel you are the only supplier of goods or services for them.

Branding can be subjective, can be personal, can be sometimes intangible and can be time consuming. For these reasons some business ignore the process however many huge successful businesses understand the relevance and rebrand themselves regularly when they think they have slipped and are not relevant to their customers as much as before.

Branding Identity or Corporate Identity

A Corporate identity is the visual, outward expression of the corporate brand.

It can be split into these parts:

Corporate Design

This includes such things as logos, letterheads, uniforms, stationery, packaging designs, etc.

Corporate Communication

This refers to the various marketing mediums like websites, brochures, advertisements, mailers, commercials, press releases, public relations… anything that communicates with the general public.

Corporate Behaviour

This encompasses the internal values and characteristics of the entire corporate culture and the employees who make it up.

What branding activities do we offer?

As mentioned elsewhere if you take our FREE Marketing Review this includes us researching 3 of your competitors.

By reviewing your competitors branding and understanding your business we then have a good starting point for your Branding.

Logo Design

Logo design or re design will normally be the start of your branding work. This work can be extended by creating your Logo guidelines.

Logo Guidelines

Logo guidelines are essential for brand consistency for internal staff to follow or external agencies to use.
 We will supply the finished logo in its various formats for web and print and supply with its pantone and CMYK values.

Corporate Design

This includes designing letterheads, other stationery, vehicle graphics, packaging designs, uniforms etc.

Corporate Communication

This includes websites, brochures, catalogues, sales folder packs, advertisements, mailers, press releases, public relations… anything that communicates with potential customers!

Full Branding Guidelines

Once the corporate design and corporate communications have been designed and created you may want a set of guidelines that explain the do’s and don’ts in creating such marketing items.
The branding guidelines covers things like fonts used, usage of pictures and colour palettes.

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