How to rebrand your business in 3 steps – Create the right buzz

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Is your company thinking of having a rebrand? At Core design in Coventry we’re proven experts at carrying out rebrands for a variety of businesses, regardless of sector.
We’ve carried out exciting and creative branding and rebranding for clients in all sorts of industries including engineering, retail, education etc.
We understand the decision to undertake a rebrand is huge – it affects your whole company image and impacts staff too. With our expert marketing, design and development team, we’ll ensure a solution and branding that marries perfectly with the ideals of your company.
Here are the main stages of Branding and Rebranding. These can be altered depending on the size of the client.
Stage 1 – Research
Who are you and what are you about? This stage is primarily for our team to get to grips with your company identity – it’s important we understand your core values, as well as your amazing products and services. This stage could include:
• Collaboration between Core design and the client to get to understand each other better, and become more familiar with products, services, and company values.
• Talking with employees to get an insight into what it’s like to work for the company and how they feel about the current branding.
• Honest conversations with existing clients to get their insights on your products and services offered. Objectivity is key!
The more research and information we have, the better placed we are to launch a smooth rebranding. We’ll also collate all the data we extract and report it back to you, giving you great internal and external insights.

Stage 2 – Creative
This is where it all happens.- Our team makes sense of the research and data gathered, translating this into brilliant designs and imagery. At this stage, we’ll be creating the things like :
• Colour palettes and schemes that we feel reflect your company values and services.
• Initial logos and font choices
• New names and straplines
Stage 3 – Rollout
So, you’ve got your shiny new branding in hand and you can’t wait to get your company updated into the new scheme. With all the designs confirmed and signed off we’re now ready to get the last few things in place. That means:
• Supplying you with the final logos in various image formats (JPG, PNG, etc) for use on your own documents and websites.
• Providing you with a professional, industry-level brand guidelines document (including specific fonts, colours, and colour combination options).
• Any other agreed-upon images (social media banners and images, website headers etc).
Each rebrand often needs different types of images and options, so this is tailored to you early on to ensure you are delivered exactly what you need at the end of the rebrand process.
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