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Our SEO agency is for business' who want more traffic generated to their website.

Our SEO Leamington Spa, Warwick service will get you listed in the organic searches so that you are consistently found on the internet.

If your website is not listed on the first page of search engine search results then its most likely no one will find you. To get onto page 1 takes budgeting, good planning and reviewing. This is why you need to use the most experienced and best SEO agency Leamington Spa.

Our SEO Leamington Spa services are part of our digital marketing work aimed at improving your website's visibility in search engines. Our SEO services will improve how your website ranks in search engines under your company's keywords and phrases.

Getting good relevant traffic to your website and converting these to customers is the ultimate aim of SEO services work. SEO will grow your business online.

SEO agency online marketing is a complex digital marketing service to get your website ranking on the first page of results. Often being found on the first page is not enough to increase visitors and enquiries. The main aim should be to get your website ranked in the top 2 or 3 of searches. By being in these positions the number of clicks vastly increases.

Local SEO Leamington Spa

Our aim as an SEO agency is to expand your business by getting more visitors to your website. This then increases enquiries and leads that will lead to more sales.

If your business does most of its business in a particular geographic, then Local SEO work on your website and other accounts like GMB (Google My Business account), is a sure fire way to improve your websites ranking.

Local SEO involves work thats optimises a website in order to increase traffic, leads and brand awareness from local searches.

The basis of local SEO work is to find the best local keywords, optimise a business’s GMB (Google My Business Account) and building "NAP" citations.

In local SEO, a citation is a mention of business information like its name, address, and phone number (NAP) – anywhere else on the web.

Local citations commonly will be found in business directories, on social networking or review sites and on all kinds of other websites.

We at Core Design Communications Ltd are an expert local SEO agency. We can fulfil all the principles that is required in local SEO marketing to generate visitors to your website.

Having an online marketing plan is just as important as having a website. As a long term investment SEO services will be an asset to the business. Once completed and is bringing in great results it will continue bringing in new customers.

Some businesses totally rely on their website to get their sales. So for these it is vital to be found in the top search positions. If your website does not get found on page 1 of search results, it will be losing many vital visitors.

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Our SEO Services Are:

FREE SEO Audit Leamington Spa Warwick Icon
With every client that comes to us for SEO services, we like to check and review the current standing of your site with our SEO audit.
This is because if the foundations are not right, this will limit what we can achieve with SEO. Some of the things we look is what we call technical SEO, this looks at the technical elements of your site. It goes right through to the analytics and performance of specific pages.
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Local SEO
Our Leamington Spa SEO company can help you to increase your websites and online presence within your local area and attract new customers from surrounding areas.

Local SEO also means improving your rankings for searches that don’t include a location but are based on where you are located, for example searching “plumbers” will pull up results that are local to you.

As a Leamington Spa SEO agency, we understand what is going to work for your business.

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Technical SEO Icon
Technical SEO
Technical considerations are critical for SEO success. If your website isn't ready and compatible for the search engines, any other optimisation efforts will not be maximised.

Having a technically well set up website shows the search engines in turn that you are investing in your website to give your users the best experience possible.

Our Leamington Spa SEO company's team of experts will review your website for this.

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On-page SEO Icon
On-Page SEO
After your best keywords have been discussed and chosen, the pages of your website needs to be amended to be relevant to the chosen keywords.

On-page SEO, also known as on-site SEO, is the process and workings to make your website search engine friendly.

It works directly on each page of the website making sure that the page is optimised around chosen keywords.

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Backlinking SEO Offsite SEO Icon
Backlinking SEO (Offsite SEO)
Backlinking SEO stills play a major part in SEO.

Offsite SEO, or backlinking SEO, is gaining a link from another website to your website.

A backlink for SEO needs to be from a page about something that is related to a keyword you are aiming at ranking higher for.

So the number of these links and the quality of them still remains a very important factor in getting your website ranked higher.

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Monitor Rankings Icon
Monitor Rankings
We need to monitor your website rankings because of the work we will be doing will improve them.

On the flip side, your competitors may be improving their websites too.

Then add into the mix that Google makes updates every so often, your website rankings will be changing.

Keeping on top of this and up to date, allows us to work more efficiently month to month.

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Blogging & Content Marketing Icon
Blogging & Content Marketing
Writing up to date original and interesting blog posts and creating videos, is a way of growing your website traffic directly.

By creating content that is wanted by people will grow your online audience through in bound links to your website.

We can write exciting articles and posts as well as videos that will attract a whole new audience for your website.

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Social Media Marketing Icon
Social Media Marketing
Another piece of the SEO puzzle is social media marketing.

Social media is another signal to Google and by building a following and gaining lots of likes, will further enhance your SEO work and ranking of your website.

Developing your social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn is a requirement of your SEO strategy.

Social media marketing more info
eCommerce SEO Icon
eCommerce SEO
Optimising just one of your pages for the search engines is not good enough; every single page needs to be optimised thoroughly.
This is where our vastly experienced team of SEO experts will complete a deep review of every page on your website. Our Leamington Spa SEO will make sure the whole of your site is the very best it can be for your website visitors and for search engines to improve your rankings.
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International SEO Icon
International SEO
Do you have a company website that sells products or services outside of the UK? If so, you will know how important it is to attract customers from all over the world.
This is what our international SEO service is will do! We apply the very best SEO practices and techniques to ensure your business stands the best chance of getting the better of your competitors, helping you grow your business even further.
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Quick Checklist of Our SEO Work

SEO Audit
Our SEO team will review your current rankings and optimisation work if any so to put a plan in place on how to improve the visibility of your site.
SEO Plan
We will research and select the keywords that your customers are searching for to find your product or service.
Monitoring & Report Results Based on the Keywords Selected
After making changes to your website, we will monitor the improvements in results and report back.
Monthly Improvements
Working with you, our SEO services we continue on a monthly basis to keep your website continually improving.

Why Use Our SEO Services?

Local SEO Leamington Spa Company Icon
We Are Your Local SEO Company
We will get to know your Leamington Spa business and will boost your website. Our local SEO Leamington Spa experts will implement our best SEO strategy for you.
FREE SEO Website Audit Icon
FREE SEO Website Audit
Apply for our free SEO audit of your website. Our local SEO Leamington Spa agency will identify any problems and advise why your rankings aren’t so good.
Best Value SEO Agency
Our aim of our local SEO Leamington Spa, Warwick services is always to get you highly ranked in search engines. Because we work from a home office we can do this at a very competitive price.
Data Driven
Every decision that our SEO experts make is backed up by the data we collect from your site. Having strived to get you the very best of results we will continue to use our on page SEO techniques to keep them coming in.
Long Term Results
We use only best SEO tools and techniques meaning results are not short lived and will stay with the website over its course. We say SEO is a medium to long term investment into a websites success.
Unique SEO Strategy Icon
Unique SEO Strategy
We know that every business is unique, and because of that, we treat you as an individual and not just another client. We create SEO strategies that are built around your needs and business objectives.
SEO Digital Marketing Social Media
SEO by its Nature is Ever Evolving
It now involves a lot of content creation and that is where we excel.

Because we have in-house Graphic Designers our SEO experts can join forces to quickly and efficiently create SEO optimised content like an Instagram post or a blog post. Our copywriters will write engaging text so your posts and blogs stand out and at the same time creates an outward action to get your website ranked higher in searches.

Our SEO and digital marketing services are always based around you and your business goals. We understand you may want to know what is happening regularly so we give you weekly SEO weekly reports on rankings.

We also know from experience that plans might change and you may not want to commit to something over a year and beyond. So we have made our SEO packages completely flexible so there is no initial set up fee and you aren't tied into any contract.

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SEO Packages

Our low cost value for money SEO packages start from £199+vat per month which follows our highly successful track record of working as an SEO company for Leamington Spa clients as well as UK wide customers.
We can discuss and show you our SEO projects so you can be rest assured that you are with a very capable SEO company. Our SEO cost is at least 30% cheaper when comparing the same level SEO service charged by other SEO agencies.

Our SEO packages cover both on-site SEO and off-site SEO

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On-site SEO Service
This involves changes made on your website to get the best SEO results that includes:
  • Keyword analysis
  • Content optimisation
  • Page speed
  • Meta tag optimisation
  • URL structure
  • Duplicate content
Off-site SEO Service
This involves work external to the website and is just as important in getting SEO results, here is a list of our fully comprehensive off-site all SEO company services:
  • Sitemap submission
  • Set up & optimisation of Google my business account
  • Set up of social media accounts
  • Register on business listing websites
  • Banner sharing
  • Banner promotion
  • Social book marketing
  • Article writing
  • Video sharing
  • Video promotion
  • Profile creation
  • .org backlinks
  • Image sharing
  • Micro blogging
Has Your Website Been Hit Where Your Website Has Dropped Out of Searches?
Unfortunately as Google updates its algorithm, some websites get hit and drop down searches, or even out of the searches.

This is because Google has suddenly changed how it ranks a website.

If this happens contact us immediately we will quickly audit your website and highlight what might be affecting the website and offer a solution to amend this.

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Are you a start up business?
If so, our SEO Leamington Spa service can be implemented from the start by writing optimised text and fully optimising the web pages.
At the same time we can plan and implement off-site SEO services to give a fully all in one web design and SEO service.
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