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Responsive Web Design

Are you looking to dominate online? If so, it’s important your website can be seen and used on all mobile devices.
Your website will need to deliver the same very high standard of experience across all sized devices. This is because more searches are done on mobile devices compared to desktop PC’s and is growing year on year.

Why Responsive Design?

The benefits of a responsive design makes it the number 1 way to design a mobile site.
Easier to Design
A responsive website is just 1 website that resizes itself to whatever size device its being viewed on.
Consistent Experience Across Multiple Platforms
Guarantee your visitors the same high end experience whether they are viewing on a desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
Improves a Websites SEO Rankings
Google now uses the mobile search results for all search results so its now imperative to do everything to help to be found under these.
Increase Interaction & Sales
Your services and products need to be seen at their best so the whole experience of using the website has to be perfect whatever device being used.

Responsive Website Design

Being Responsive web designers in Coventry, we will ensure that we give you a fully Responsive website that adapts to any sized device and screen. This will give users the correct experience whatever device they are using.

Working with our Responsive web design experts in Coventry , they will ensure your Responsive website as well as working on all sized devices will work on different platforms like iOS and android. These mobile platforms feature smartphones like iPhones that use iOS and Galaxy phones that use Android

With your Responsive website giving the correct experience across mobile, tablet and desktop devices this means it will give the maximum chance of your website converting visitors to customers.

Our Responsive Web Design Work

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About Responsive Website Design & Mobile Web Design Services

Responsive web design is more popular than a dedicated mobile web design although they are similar.

The key difference between Responsive web design and a dedicated mobile web design is that with a responsive website, coding and development is used so that the website adjusts to the screen size. The adjusting also correctly scales buttons as well as text and images. This is in contrast to a mobile website usually designed specifically for a specific mobile device. For this reason a disadvantage is that it may not work perfectly across all the different devices and browsers.

Our responsive web designers develop the web properties so that the device they are used on determines the way that the site is displayed. This is mostly done based on "mobile first" meaning the experience is developed on mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets and then scaled up to work on larger screens.

We base our Responsive design around these things:

Navigation – How best to present it in the space available and ensure the links can be clicked on easily.
Images – Providing responsive images that are smaller in size and take up less resources.
Content – Scaling back content to focus on your core USP and how your text is laid out across the screen.

If you want a successful website then a Responsive website is a must for it to be available at all times online.