Startup Branding.

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Startup. Branding.

You need to get it right from the start.

We make sure your Startup branding exceeds your expectations. It needs to sell your business and communicate with potential customers.

Ok, so you have thought about starting your business for ages.

You have rolled around in your mind, ‘Should I do it?’, ‘Is it a good idea?’, ‘What will people think?’, ‘Do people need my service?

Once you decide to do it, you need to start with your branding.

We can help you with your startup branding from even helping with deciding on a business name to the finished branding design used on things for your business.

Our branding experience is not only startup branding, but covers established businesses ready to take a step up to the next level, as well as rebranding.

We’ve helped many businesses with our startup branding. Our startup branding services are both very affordable and informative at a time when you will need help and advice.

We are very happy to pass on our advice to our clients, even things like explaining how to register a logo.

Startup Branding Logo Design progress imges for Neptune
Finished Startup Branding Logo Design for Neptune

So why do you need
Start up Branding?

To answer this, you need to know what branding actually is.

Firstly we need to say it is not just a logo, it is far more complex than that and can be said is made up of the following parts.

  • The brand story - why this Brand has been launched
  • The product/service - what the start up business does/sell
  • What values the company stands for - what to expect when dealing with the business
  • How it serves its customers - whats its core values to follow
  • What position it sees itself in the market place - for example is it a luxury item or a value for money service, a cheap product or a reassuringly expensive and reliable
Conscious and subconscious actions of using a Brand
  • Why we buy it and what it says about us when we buy it
  • Why we pay premium if we do
  • How we feel when we buy or use it
  • How we should feel when we buy or use it

These are the things that makes a brand.

Save at least 35%
On like for like brand design work.

As we've always worked from a home office, we are automatically at least 35% cheaper on like for like brand design work. This great saving is really valuable for a business when they are starting up.

Through working with start ups we have learnt that every business has different requirements but there are some standard items that most businesses will need so we have based our start up branding package around this but of course can be amended around a particular business requirements.

Our branding process is all about understanding our customer and then interpreting that into a professional brand style.

Your branding needs to quickly make a statement about your business - that statement will be determined as we speak to you and then creating our designs using our well versed branding process.

We have over 20 years experience of branding and marketing so you can be assured we can help you in every type of marketing media which means we can also continue with you on your business journey.

Brand design image example

Startup Branding.

Start up Branding packages can be tailored to you, here is a branding package sample.
We are at least 35% cheaper than other agencies and may be even 50% cheaper than some!

We give you all the essentials to create a professional and affordable brand presence that will help your business stand out from your competitors.

So What's Included?
Bespoke Logo Designs.
We will design you a bespoke logo that reflects the aspirations of your business.

THIS INCLUDES: Designing up to 4 bespoke logo designs and supplying the chosen logo in Vector eps, jpeg, png and pdf formats.

We also supply a FREE one page logo guide giving the colour palette information and fonts used.

5 Page Website.
We will design a mobile responsive website on the highly flexible WordPress platform that will announce your business and enhance your new professional branding.


1 Year hosting
1 Year maintenance
2 Year domain name

Business Card Design.
Business cards are an everyday part of business. The business card design will follow the branding style set from your logo and will be eye catching, professional and reflects your business totally. We will also advise on what print finishes would also work and can even arrange the printing of these.
THIS INCLUDES: Up to two designs for business cards and PDF print artwork.
Microsoft Word invoice & Letterhead templates.
These may seem run of the mill business stationery items but they are a chance to reinforce your new professional Brand. Because they will follow your new branding, this consistency reaffirms what a professional company you are.
THIS INCLUDES: Up to one design option for the letterhead and invoice supplied as Microsoft Word documents.
Email Signature.
Email is the most utilised of all communication tools that most business use, so it’s important that every email sent from every person in your business looks the same and conveys the same brand image.
THIS INCLUDES: Up to two email signature designs supplied in jpeg format.
Social Media Branding.
It is very important to continue your professional branding onto social media platforms. Even though these are limiting we will make sure the graphic elements of these accounts are consistent with your new branding. We will resize or amend your logo to work with these formats.
THIS INCLUDES: Graphic branding for up to two social channels (choose from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram).
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Get Started. Get Branded.

Our start up Branding package is an example, we can fine tune a branding package to suit your requirements.
We can have a brief chat through what you’re looking to do and from that we'll be able to advise on how we can best help you.

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