Video Clips

With the advancement of web design technology, short video clips can now be hosted directly on some websites

They can be used in the background of the website to reinforce messages from the website or just to look aesthetically pleasing and interesting.

They can quickly and easily add a feeling of knowledge and quality to a website.

Animated Videos

Animated videos, being 1-2 minutes in length on average, are a good way to explain a service.

Often within that 2 minutes something can be explained that would otherwise take pages upon pages of text to.

Animation videos get round the need to employ people, possibly covering different races and minorities, etc that add a cost that many organisations just cannot afford.

These animated videos can be created using the businesses branding, logo and other graphics.

Corporate Promotional Videos

These types of business videos covers all sorts of videos ranging from presenter videos, corporate videos, image slideshow videos and product and how to videos.

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