web design for a coventry company – beats by dre repairs now opening in australia

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Web design coventry for Fix Headphones Australia Website

We designed and also search engine optimised a website for a start up business in coventry that was offering repairs to headphones. With the help of us we researched the term Beats headphones repairs and saw it was increasing month on month. On the back of this they decided to specialise in repairing Beats headphones only.

So we designed the website and search engine optimised it based on the associated search terms.
Within a few weeks of completing the web design the website was number 1 under searches for it. The business increased and took on more staff to cope with the amount of repairs.
The website also was listed on google in many other countries and quickly they were receiving orders from all over the world.
They haven’t used any other marketing and despite Apple mac BUYING OUT Beats by dre they still continue to gain business from their website.
their website is www.fixheadphones.co.uk

We are writing this article because they have just expanded and opened in Australia.
We have designed a new website which is www.fixheadphones.com.au and are in the process of search engine optimising this site.
They have plans also in opening in france very soon to cover Europe.