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Website Design with Admin System and SEO for Google Search Engine

Sales Winning Web Design

Our web design is mainly on the WordPress platform. WordPress web design allows us to design and create great sales winning websites at an affordable cost even whne delivering a custom web design.
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We do this by using a WordPress web design theme that we can customise, we know the ins and outs of this theme because it is behind many website design projects over the years. This enables us to give a great looking web design and make the website design 'Responsive' in super quick time.

We make sure our web design work is always versatile allowing for the website to be expanded in the future so it grows with your company. We can add in new categories and features also so your website doesn't become defunct and need replacing in 12 months time.

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A web design that you need to edit and run yourself? No problem!

You may have had a website designed for you and when you have gone to edit it, you can't or you just can't figure out how to do it. Font options, text sizes, formatting not working, or don't know how to use it properly, all may have added to a very poor experience.

With our web design we can design and future proof your website by building in various page template styles to the websites admin, so adding in new pages are made really simple. Custom web design alows for this to happen for clients.

Easy to use admin and Tutorial. This is what you need.

We can set the website up with an easy page editor so your amendments are made easy. Having a 'what you see' editor so your changes are seen onscreen in real time is a major help to clients.

We also can give a tutorial in our office on how to get around in the admin system and how to use the editor so you will be shown everything in front of you.

Sounds good?

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Web design & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialist.

Looking for a fully branded and designed website that will be found in search engines?
Get a custom web design to do all this.

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A web design with search engine optimisation should be something that is planned at the outset of the website design.

From deciding on page titles, through to the website design layout and finished design, having a well executed custom web design and SEO plan will bring in the results you want..

Having a website design and hoping it brings in any business is not enough nowadays. The website needs to be structured and written with SEO optimised content to tell Google what your website is about and so what it should be ranked for.
Custom web design is really the only way to do this.

The days of designing a website yourself or on a self editing platform like WIX or having a site created through YELL will not do the job. Having a website created in this way is a waste of money and will cost even more in correcting it.

We’ll get your SEO right from the start. This means your custom web design will be built and structured correctly giving it the best chance to flourish. We will research your keywords and create your websites content around these giving you a head start against competitors who do not do this.

We can also give you on going support so your website stays ranking highly and can expand so its ranks against new keywords that become important.

So how much?

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Design Clever.

It's all about getting the right balance.

To design a website that is successful in search engines, the website has to be balanced with the right amount of keyword content, without spoiling the navigation, usability, functionality and branding style.

Custom web design is how you can get this balance.

Designing a custom website design uses design skills, to make the website successful also takes an amount of planning and good content creation.

Custom web design allows the website to flow from important information to call to actions, this is the difference from using a template website where content is just added to the areas that the template allows.

Strong Build.

Using our own customisable website theme we build sites that are quick loading and structured for Google optimisation.

All our websites get checked for their responsiveness over different browsers and media devices.

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Premium Website Hosting.

We host our websites on our premium server based in London UK.

It’s no good having a great website and the hosting of it causing problems.

Poor hosting plans can lead to slow loading websites, not enough space to hold the website and DNS issues. A reliable hosting service will make your life so much easier, its amazing how much time can be taken sorting out such problems.

Our server name is, to host your site on it you need to change your name servers to: and

Website maintenance and ongoing support.

Websites are valuable items, they are the main part of some businesses so it’s important you have all corners covered when it comes to reliability.

We make the managing of our websites easy by dealing with external problems for our clients. Your website could get hacked, it could break after an update, or you may delete critical files by mistake.

A single website backup can save the day if these happen. Regular back ups are one of the features of our website maintenance plan along with add ons like an SSL certificate to encrypt data transferred from the website.

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