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    How much do our websites cost?

    The cost of a website design does depend on what you require. Even though we do have a rough cost guide, the final price is personal to each client.

    What makes up the cost of a website is not just the design and look of it, it is more complex than that.

    It takes into account whether you are supplying the content or if we are writing the content for you, if you require us to create and source imagery/pictures and what features will the website have and is the website to be search engine optimised.

    I’m afraid this is your answer. What makes up the cost of a website is not only down to the way it ‘looks’, but how it works as part of its larger functionality. If you want your website to do more than just look pretty – for example, if you need a custom online quiz system, or the website needs to integrate with an API to handle bookings – then this is all going to factor into your website design quote.

    So why are our website design prices much cheaper?

    The answer is simple! Since our inception in 2001 we have worked from a home office allowing us to save on a lot of costs. These savings are passed on to you through our prices. It's the same high end agency work for a fraction of the cost!

    Can I get a cheap website design or a Free web design?

    Yes, there a few DIY platforms that start out cheap for a basic website. The trouble with these web design tools is that you are left to your own to use them. So you need to decide have you got the time to spend on this, or the knowledge to do so in the first place? Even having skills to create an image could be required. If you do not know what you are doing, you can find you end up spending many many hours on this.

    We also come across clients where a member of staff has built a site using a free web design for a business, only to leave and they are then left with a website they cannot use.

    The biggest problem we think of using a template based website builder is your website will end up looking like one of your competitors or simple hundreds of others. If your brand and branding is important to you then a website builder tool will not give you the end result you want.

    Freelancer web design

    There are also freelance web designers or a website designer based outside the UK who will build a site for a few hundred pounds.

    You will notice we say 'build' and not 'design' because much as with the DIY website builder they will most likely use a template and populate your content in that and supply that to you.

    As with most professional services, what you get is often what you pay for.

    You will also find that cheap website designers usually give poor service and of course there is no planning around getting results.

    We do not not offer this type of web design or service. The bespoke, interactive websites we deliver are project managed, developed, and coded to a high standard.

    As an example we set up H1 tags for all titles on pages which is very important for search engine optimisation.

    These are the questions you should ask yourself if you’re looking for a cheap website:

    • Will I actually own the website & its code or am I just renting the use of it?
    • If you have registered a domain name through the same supplier – do I own the domain name so I can use with other website suppliers in the future
    • Will it work well on mobile devices?
    • Will you design the website around my business, or put my content into a reused template
    • Will it be secure?
    • Will my website rank well on search engines or at least have the ability to be optimised?
    • Will my customers think it looks cheap and so reflect badly on my business?
    Other costs of running a website

    Domain registration – you will need a domain name for your website. We register and manage our clients domains for them each year.

    Website hosting – once your website is built, it needs somewhere to be hosted. This is what allows your website to appear live on the internet.

    Our websites are hosted through ourselves on our Sonichost server.

    Our servers are quick loading and offer great value for money. Hosting is very important in having a successful website, having a site that performs quickly and has great support is the combination you want.

    Our hosting servers are in the UK and offer 24/7 hosting support with added services of managed back ups and an SSL certificate.

    Maintenance & support – We offer a great value maintenance plan that includes same day service, back ups taken of your website and a free SSL certificate.

    SSL certificates – With the increased need for security online, we now offer an ssl certificate included as part of our website maintenance plan.

    Content creation – A part of our web design service we are able to offer website copy writing (particularly important for SEO, Search Engine Optimisation).

    SEO & Marketing – We can plan, design and create search engine optimised websites ready to be launched.

    Need a logo & other marketing items?

    Because we are a full service digital marketing agency we can offer graphic design and printing of a host of other marketing items like:
    • Logo design
    • Business card design
    • Letterhead design
    • Flyer design
    • Brochure design
    • Emailer design
    • NCR invoice pads
    • Pull up banners & exhibition graphics

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