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Creative custom web design for websites that want to get the very best results for their business.
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Custom Web Design

Are you getting the best results you can from your website? Would you like a first website that is head and shoulders above the competition in your market sector?

Our custom website design service is aimed at all businesses whatever their size that want a bespoke website that portrays their business in the very best light. A website is often the first thing a potential customer sees of a business so it needs to impress.

We and our team of expert custom web designers will give you a bespoke website that does this. It will also be at a  price that is 30% less compared with like for like custom web design.

This allows us to supply to our clients a stunning custom web design at a price that even small to medium sized businesses can afford. We are able to do this at a cheaper price also because  we use expert graphic designers to create our custom websites which is done all in house.

Our custom web designers will often start with a totally editable theme normally on the WordPress platform.
From this our custom web design service will design a unique website just for you.

Are you a start up business looking for a website or does your current website need a refresh?

Whatever reason you are looking for a website, why do you need a custom web design?

These are the reasons why:

Is your brand vital to your online image?
Do your competitors have strong online presences?
Is your website the only advertising your business has?
Do you require special functionality on your website?
What level of website would my potential customers expect me to have?

If you answer yes to two or more of the questions above, you will will only get the results you want from a custom designed website.

With over 20 years experience of custom website design we at Core Design Communications Ltd in Coventry are perfectly placed to provide this to you.

Are you looking for your first business website or does your existing website need a refresh?

Our expert Coventry custom website designers are ready to give your business the website that it deserves and at least 30% cheaper for like to like web design work.

No matter if you are looking to freshen up your existing website maybe because your business has outgrown it or starting off in new business and require your first website, our team of creative custom web designers are here to help and offer you our custom web design service.

Your First Web Design or a Website Redesign?

Professional custom website designers

Starting out and needing you first ever website may seem over whelming at first, where do you start?

There will be many web design agencies offering their services but we having over 20 years of experience we are perfectly positioned to design any website and especially a custom designed website.

Our expertise and experience will make it easy for you and will explain what we can do and what we have done in the past which will give you real confidence in us.

Our custom designed websites are always versatile allowing for the website to be expanded in the future so it will grow with your company which is especially important if you are a start up business.

We will make sure that your first web design can grow with you making it future proofed, we make sure it allows new categories and features to be added in easily later as required by you.

This is done through good planning of the website and a custom website design gives us more creativity in designing the website.

The important elements that we use in designing a bespoke web design are:

Choosing a font or fonts that works with your branding. Because we are also graphic designers we will design you a website that enhances your branding and font selection can have a massive effect.
The Colour Scheme
Colour choice is a very important part of custom website design. Colours are important because they can give messages from the website and set the tone of the website. We look at the colours used in customers branding and see if any secondary colours can improve the styling bearing in mind the image that the website needs to reflect.
Page Layout
We will make sure your content on each page is arranged correctly making sure the website is easy to use and functions correctly.
The Images, Infographics & Icons Created
We take time to design suitable images, icons and infographics as required with our custom website design service. We design our own graphics and images using Adobe design software including photoshop that be found from Adobe.
Website Structure
Finally we will design a web design structure that is bespoke for a clients web design. This is one of the most important aspects as to why you should have a custom website design because the structure plays a very important role in both user experience (UX) and search engine optimisation (SEO). It enables the user to easily navigate a website without coming across any structural issues.
The aims and goals of your website often stay the same if you are wanting a first website or redesigning an existing website, they can can include:
Lead Generation
A custom web design allows full creativity enabling all the tools available to guide visitors from one piece of information to another. Bespoke icons and call to actions can be created to make more enquiries about your product or service.
Improve Sales & Returns
More lead generation and improving usability of the website will give better sales on the website.
Improve Usability
Giving a well designed website makes the experience of the website visitor better and will make them stay on the website longer giving more chance of an enquiry or a sale.
Improve Rankings
The website will be technically set up correctly and with onsite page search engine optimisation, your website will be found in key searches. Our custom web design allows for each page structured technically correct for search engines will still looking interesting and encouraging interaction.
Generate ROI
The features and design work used will convert visitors to customers and give a better return on investment.

Our Custom Web Design Work

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Coventry custom web design services

Because we are trained graphic designers all our custom website design work is done in-house by our web designers in our Coventry home office.

Our experienced custom web designers will work with you throughout so you get the bespoke website that you want along with the best results

Our custom web design process includes:

Proof & Check
Complete & Launch

Our custom web design services and digital marketing services are for any sized business in any type of industry, you can be a start up business, an established local business or a national company we will always work with you to get the most out of your website and remember we will be 30% cheaper when comparing like for like design work.

How our web designers get the most from your website is by doing our tried and tested procedure that consists of discuss with you the aims of the website, research the marketplace you are selling your services or products in, give a fixed fee quotation with details, custom design your website, proof and check as the website develops page by page, get final approval and make the website live for all to view.