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WordPress website design that is custom designed for you.
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WordPress Design

Do you want a new bespoke WordPress design or simply outgrown your existing WordPress website made from a template?

Our creative WordPress web designers in Coventry have over 20 years experience of designing websites on the WordPress platform.

Whether you are looking to refresh an existing website, or looking for a new website designed from scratch, a WordPress website is an excellent choice.

WordPress Website Design

WordPress is open source platform that is continually being updated and improved. This is good because this means it is secure and reliable, making it an ideal platform to design a website whatever your business is or what industry sector.

If you are wanting a website that you want to update regularly, then a WordPress website is ideal because WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS)*.

Using WordPress also gives 2 major advantages over other ways, firstly it gives a great looking web design and secondly will make the website design ‘responsive' in super quick time.

We at Core Design Communications Ltd Coventry offer a custom Wordpress design service. We use a totally editable WordPress theme and design it into a sales winning website.

The process of installing, setting up and modifying a WordPress theme into a bespoke website is a complicated process but with over 20 years experience this is a well developed process that we do every day.

A custom or bespoke designed WordPress website will give you these advantages:
Improve Usability & Engagement
Because the WordPress platform was created as a content managed system, your WordPress website allows you to update its content and maintain your website*.
Improve Search Engine Rankings
WordPress is one of the most search engine friendly website platforms and so is very much liked by Google.
Increase Sales & Leads
A well planned and designed WordPress website will go towards converting visitors to customers.
Increase Brand Awareness
Your beautiful design will not only be functional but will help increase brand awareness with an awe-inspiring design.

*WordPress Content Managed System (CMS)

Wanting a website that you can update easily isn't a problem.

Although the standard admin system that comes with Wordpress websites can be used we have found it is a lot easier if our expert WordPress designers gives a tutorial in how to get around the Admin.

As well as doing this our team of WordPress designers make the CMS easier by taking out the features out of the admin area that are not required for your custom website and most importantly the WordPress content managed systems pages will be supplied with a easy page editor so your future changes can be done by yourself very easily. This is a 'what you see' web page editor changes made are seen onscreen in real time rather than not seeing the changes you are making in real time. To complete this great WordPress service of the easy to use CMS we will provide a tutorial in how to use it as well.

Our WordPress Web Design Work

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Our WordPress Website Design Services

The way people/customers interact on a website is a science in itself. Our web designers understand the psychology behind selling on websites and online giving you an assurance that these principles will be applied in your custom website design.

Whether you are a small business or a large one applying these sales winning techniques in a WordPress web design is crucial to get the best return on your website.

If you are wanting an SEO (Search Engine Optimised) website combining a WordPress website with custom web design our web design services will give the ultimate website for your business.

Our web design process includes:

Proof & Check
Complete & Launch