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Searching for Web design Solihull Our web design and digital marketing services are offered to any type of business anywhere in the UK. We are based in Coventry and are literally just a 5 minute drive from Meriden in the borough of Solihull. Solihull town centre is less than a 20 minute drive, making us your local web design company … Read More

Web Design Nuneaton

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Responsive web design for The Caravan Buyers Website

Web Design Nuneaton Core Design are a design agency established over 17 years serving Nuneaton for web design. If you would like to discuss a new web design project then we are happy to call to you to go through what you want to achieve. We have worked for all types of business for Web Design Nuneaton ranging from solicitors, … Read More

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Searching for Web design Rugby Our web design services are offered to any type of business anywhere in the UK. Naturally a business like ours who offer web design services to small as well as large business will attract a lot of local enquiries. Being based in Coventry the core of our customers are local Coventry companies however we do … Read More

Glamping design takes another step in luxury

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My interest in design isn’t just in graphic design, its in architecture and product design. Here is something that has been produced that I also thought about some years ago. Its similar to Glamping units but has taken it a step further for luxury, they are camping lodge units on wheels at a very high pec. You enter through double-paned … Read More

Many years before pantone colours for graphic designers

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We now have Pantone references for printing colours, however there is an 800 page book created by A. Boogert” back in 1692 that listed every colour imaginable and explanations on how to change colour tones and hues. Ironically the colour book was meant to be an educational guide but only 1 copy was ever produced so very few people will … Read More

Google analytics now shows searched keywords and phrases to your website

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Google analytics now integrates the Google search console. Why is this important? Well, it’s IMPORTANT because the search console includes important ranking information like the keywords and phrases used to click to your website and the number of these searches made and such like. A few years ago Google analytics used to give you this information but stopped giving this … Read More

The easiest to use CMS web design

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CMS WEB DESIGN EXPERT – GET THE EASIEST TO USE CMS ADMIN SYSTEM After 17 years of designing websites (CMS Web design) one of the things that stands out is that many customers want is an easy to use admin system so they can make changes to their CMS website. The CMS admin system is the backend of the CMS … Read More

Does your company use Digital Marketing To Full Effect

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Digital marketing

When most people think about digital marketing they think about SEO work and how their company looks on the internet and what it does to increase sales. However Digital Marketing can cover a whole host of items where your Branding can be expanded in a creative way that in the long run will enhance your business. Digital Marketing should be … Read More


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Would you like to be able to add new fresh content to your web design yourself. Of course businesses would like this option, having the freedom to update your web design when you want is a massive advantage. Google tells us it is critical to keep your ranking with them by adding new fresh content regularly so doesn’t it make … Read More


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GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, it is a rule that governs how business deal with peoples personal data., in the way they collect and store information of their clients. This ruling comes into for on 25th May 2018. Who needs to comply with GDPR? So who does this affect? It affects any business that operates within the EU … Read More