The easiest to use CMS web design

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CMS WEB DESIGN EXPERT – GET THE EASIEST TO USE CMS ADMIN SYSTEM After 17 years of designing websites (CMS Web design) one of the things that stands out is that many customers want is an easy to use admin system so they can make changes to their CMS website. The CMS admin system is the backend of the CMS … Read More

Does your company use Digital Marketing To Full Effect

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Digital marketing

When most people think about digital marketing they think about SEO work and how their company looks on the internet and what it does to increase sales. However Digital Marketing can cover a whole host of items where your Branding can be expanded in a creative way that in the long run will enhance your business. Digital Marketing should be … Read More


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Would you like to be able to add new fresh content to your web design yourself. Of course businesses would like this option, having the freedom to update your web design when you want is a massive advantage. Google tells us it is critical to keep your ranking with them by adding new fresh content regularly so doesn’t it make … Read More


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GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, it is a rule that governs how business deal with peoples personal data., in the way they collect and store information of their clients. This ruling comes into for on 25th May 2018. Who needs to comply with GDPR? So who does this affect? It affects any business that operates within the EU … Read More

Web design with a Harry potter style animation

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We always like to do something a bit different. On this occasion we had designed our client Boarding Wizard’s logo. We then were asked to design their new website and wanted an opening animation that gave the feeling of Harry Potter that in turn relates to their name Boarding Wizard (they offer advanced management software for boarding schools that includes … Read More

What is SEO

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What is SEO? SEO is an area of work that people struggle to explain but is quite simple. SEO also known as search engine optimisation or search engine optimization if you are american and is the work a web design agency or a specialist SEO company does to make your website appear in ORGANIC search engine listings. On the Google … Read More

Googles warning for NON HTTPS WEBSITES

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Google has sent a warning for NON HTTPS WEBSITES. For many years Google have wanted websites to have an SSL certificate. So lets firstly explain what is SSL. SSL allows websites to be accessed over HTTPS, rather than HTTP which basically means it encrypts information sent between the visitor and web server. When purchasing an SSL certificate and setting it … Read More

How to tell your Business Story through a Brochure

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Most people know that there is a difference between a brochure and leaflet, a brochure and a flyer or a brochure and any other marketing material but some find it hard to put in to words. The best way to think about the difference in to think about the purpose. What’s the purpose of a brochure? Regardless of the shape … Read More

What makes a user friendly web design?

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Easy to use web design

At Core Design, we have established ourselves over 17 years in business for our high quality, bespoke branded web design.We’ve designed websites for a whole host of clients in many sectors, including industrial, engineering and manufacturing as well as business services. Our websites are praised for their ability to hugely improve the user experience, through their creative style and branding … Read More