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Our Brand Design Services

Do you want a new bespoke brand design or simply outgrown your existing branding?

Our creative graphic designers in Coventry have over 20 years experience of brand design and brand identity.

Whether you are looking to refresh an existing brand design or looking for a new brand identity we will be able to design the perfect brand design whatever type of business you are.

Our brand design service covers:

Brand Design
This includes such things as logos, letterheads, uniforms, stationery, packaging designs, etc.
Corporate Communication
This refers to the various marketing mediums like websites, brochures, advertisements, mailers, commercials, press releases, public relations etc, anything that communicates with the general public.
Corporate Behaviour
This encompasses the internal values and characteristics of the entire corporate culture and the employees who make it up.
If you just want a logo design our brand designers will be happy to design a logo for your business. A logo design or a logo redesign is normally the start of a brand design process.

Our expert brand designers can continue to develop your brand design or if you only require a logo design we can also create a set of logo guidelines.

Logo guidelines are essential for brand consistency for internal staff to follow, or external agencies to use.

We will supply the finished logo in its various formats for web and print and supply with its pantone and CMYK values.

A brand design which is also known as brand identity is the visual, outward expression of the corporate brand. If you want to set your business apart from your competitors  our brand designers are waiting to create the perfect brand design for you that will shout out what your business stands for.

Are you looking for start up brand design or does your existing brand design need a refresh?

Our expert branding designers are ready to give your business the brand design that it deserves and at least 30% cheaper for like to like brand design work.

No matter if you are looking to freshen up your branding or starting a new business and require your first brand design we can help.Our team of graphic designers are here ready to start your brand identity work through our brand design service.

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Start up Brand Design or Refresh Your Existing Brand Design?

Professional branding agency

Arranging a brand design for your business for the first time may make you wonder where do I start? If you start with us our graphic designers will explain and will make it clear and easy.

The importance of getting a brand design that represents your business and works for it is very important to get the very best results for your business. Once our brand design team supply you a brand design it will put you in a better position to help your sales team sell better.

Our brand design service is always bespoke to each business customer and by getting it right from the start will avoid a painful brand redesign. We at Core Design Communications Ltd have over 20 years experience of brand design so you can be assured we will make the process as professional and easy as possible.

The brand design process is a series of activities designed to develop a value system of the business and a communication framework which results in a clear brand identity.

The stages of our brand design and brand identity process are:

The research stage of the branding project we collect information and analysing the findings so we can get to know your business, industry, competitors, target audience.

Our brand strategy will be based on the findings of the brand research.

Our finalised strategy sets the tone of your communications and will create things like you brand values.

Our design phase is what translates your newly created brand values into memorable and meaningful visual brand identity. Our expert graphic designers will design all your corporate communications like websites, brochures, advertisements, mailers, commercials, press releases, public relations etc, anything that communicates with the general public.

The implementation stage is when your new brand identity is revealed.

Implementation can take many forms from giving out a few business cards to a website or sets of sales brochures.

This phase can be over a short period or over several months depending on your business.

Refresh your existing brand design

There are many reasons why you may want a brand design, your current branding may now look out of date and now you need to refresh your brand design to reach new customers or maybe you want to re engage with your existing customers.

Maybe your business has expanded and you have simply outgrown your current brand design?

Through our branding agency team of graphic designers, we will redesign your brand design and communications so you can once gain be confident in it.

Our Brand Design Work

Coventry Brand Design Services

All our brand design work is done in-house by our graphic designers in our Coventry home office.
Our experienced graphic designers will make sure you are happy with your brand design before proceeding to implement it.

Our brand design services give you these advantages:

Helps you stand out in a saturated market
Our branding services will give you clear purpose and will help you stand out among other businesses and people in your field.
Will give you confidence in your business
Out expert branding will reflect your business in its best light and will make you proud to share and market your business.
Give you a clear strategy for moving forward
With our strong branding strategy in place, you can refer back to it and make sure that your products and services are in line with your brand’s mission and goals.
Gives you credibility
By us designing a clear brand for you we will make you look like an expert. If you appear to know what you’re talking about and come across as a professional, people will be more likely buy from you.
Will help you to attract your ideal clients
Our brand designers will design a brand identity that clearly represents your business and this will attract the right type of businesses for you.
Will lead to customer loyalty
Our branding will elevate a business and will build recognition and loyalty.
Our brand design services are for all types of business in all types of industries, you can be a start up business, an established local business or a national company we will always work with you to get the most out of your brand design.