How to tell your Business Story through a Brochure

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Most people know that there is a difference between a brochure and leaflet, a brochure and a flyer or a brochure and any other marketing material but some find it hard to put in to words.

The best way to think about the difference in to think about the purpose.

What’s the purpose of a brochure?

Regardless of the shape or size, colours used or layout all brochures have one thing in common: and that is they tell a story, they tell a businesses story.

A leaflet or a flyer are designed to be short, snappy pieces of print. A brochure on the other hand is allowed to have more space and is expected to use this space to explain to your customer exactly who you are, what you do and why they should want to be part of your business selling process.

How to tell your story with a Brochure

1. Layout and Design

Do not fall into the trap of too much information, I must tell people this and oh I can’t forget to tell them that syndrome.
When having your brochure designed try to avoid reams of text; tell your story in a more interesting way by using graphics, infographics and photographs to create your story.
If you use a professional graphic designer like us at Core Design we will design your brochure cover design options and as well as inside spread layout options first and show them to you. Because of our vast amount of experience we can immediately tell you if the amount of content a client has supplied is going to fit well within the brochure design.

2. Size and shape

Just because your brochure has always been A4 portrait for instance doesn’t mean it has to remain this way. Have a think about what size and shape you would like to read from, again if using a professional Graphic Design Agency they will be able to tell you if your idea will work.
Of course bear in mind what your brand identity stands for and if it works with your Brands identity guidelines.

3. Organise the content of your story!

Being organised in this instance means you have to prepare a beginning, a middle and an end, its vital that your brochure reads like this. You are telling people about your business so this structure as well as the actual content are equally as important.

4. Write informative and useful content.

Think about yourself and how you read things and what grabs your attention. You need to ensure your writing is lively and enjoyable; this is the only way you can relate to your audience.

5. Why use a Graphic Design Agency?

A Graphic Design Agency like ourselves have many years experience in brochure design. We have built up a bank of knowledge on how to design and present content in the most interestingly way. Coupled with understanding on how to design for print will make the whole experience smooth and easy and will ensure the best looking Brochure that TELLS YOUR STORY.

Thinking of printing a brochure? Please get in contact with Core Design Communications and we can start this project for you.

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