What are Brochures used for and why are they Important?

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Brochures are produced in many different forms and we will discuss about these later. Brochures also come with many different folding options. The folding options are normally based around what the marketing message of the brochure is.

Brochures can be used to promote and market almost anything. This is because they are so flexible in size and can have any amount of pages.

There is so much that can be written about brochures so we have explained some facts about them and how they can be used.

The Purpose of Brochures Explained

Brochures are used as a point of information. They can be a point of information for current customers but more importantly for information that potential customers will find useful. Imagine a big flyer, a brochure can be a big promotional flyer about a company, a produce or a service. But on the other hand it can give vital information as well.

Because a brochure is so flexible the way it can be used and in what situation can vary. For example after a sales appointment it can be left with a potential customer as a recap about what was discussed. On the other hand it can be given to a current customer or a potential customer that gives detailed information about the products you sell.

Your audience will learn more about your brand in an engaging and orderly way by reading your material in a folded brochure.

Brochures can be distributed at events or trade exhibits. They could be given to potential customers who have visited your firm as an introduction.

They can also be used in a direct mail campaign to address a specific audience and help you boost sales and brand recognition.

The Structure of a Brochure

A brochure is structured normally with an outer cover and then inside pages. The outer cover of a brochure, if it’s printed, is normally a card cover and the inside pages are printed on paper. Paper is classed as weight of paper from 115gsm up to 170gsm. A card cover is classed as a weight from 200gsm and over. For brochures printed on a typical lithographic printing press the heaviest weight of card is limited to 450gsm. This is because anything heavier will not go through the printing rollers.

However a brochure can have the same weight of cover as the inside pages. The brochure printing term for this is a brochure with a self cover. Also the weight of a cover can be a paper weight and the inside pages can be a card weight.

A brochure front cover often consists of the company logo and a title of the brochure which summarises best what it is about. A brochure front cover will often include a picture/s and at most may include a sentence of text. The back brochure cover will normally include the logo, name and address of the company and their contact details like their website.

The design of the cover and in fact the whole of the brochure will often follow the brand design for the company. This is usually a set style that follows through all the company’s marketing literature.

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Who Designs Brochures?

Normally a graphic design agency like ourselves will design a brochure. An established graphic design agency like ourselves will have the necessary experience to design company brochures whatever service they offer. An experienced agency will know what makes a good brochure. They can pretty much get on with the design without any input from the client. However like ourselves, we always welcome any information and help from clients when designing the brochures.

Common Types of Brochures are:

  • The closed gate brochure
  • The tri-fold brochure
  • The tri-half brochure
  • The roll fold brochure
  • Information Brochures

Depending on the information you include and your target demographic, an information brochure can also serve as an introduction brochure. These brochures are designed to present comprehensive details about your business or a specific good or service you provide. They may be used as a package’s instruction manual, meeting presentation materials to be distributed, client reports, or event programmes. They can even be used successfully as part of your direct mail campaign to provide your audience with a fun method to connect with your advertising message.

Brochure Design for The Camping & Caravanning Club

Why Brochures are Important

Brochures from your business, whether they are focused on promotions, convey crucial information about your brand to your audience. They demonstrate your professionalism, concern for the finer points of your business, and dedication to providing the best possible service.

Brochures are Useful

Compared to catalogues, brochures are convenient to carry and can be made into a size that fits within your pockets. Your target audience is more likely to keep your brochure because it can be folded into a smaller piece of literature and be read later. When you give your audience marketing materials they will keep, you raise awareness of your business each time they see it.

Brochures are Cost Effective

One of the main reasons brochures are so important is because they are extremely budget friendly. They are the perfect marketing materials for new companies or businesses on a budget who want to advertise their brand effectively.

However that said if you are having your brochure printed the unit cost of each of the brochures will come down the more you have printed. This is because printing is still mechanical so there is a set up time to be taken into account.

So even if you have one brochure printed that set up time has to be accounted for in the cost. The other cost you may need to take into account is how you are distributing your brochure. If your sales people are having meetings with buyers and are leaving them after the meeting, this is a lower cost than if you are sending in the post.

Maybe you have created a sales pack using a card folder and you plan to insert your brochure into this with other things for handing out at a trade fair or exhibition. This would be a low cost way of distributing your brochures.

Brochures Save Time

Brochures are very time effective and versatile. This is because a brochure can be expanded to allow for all sorts and information and sales details into it. This can save time in creating multiple information and sales documents like flyers, you can combine all these into one brochure. The key to doing this is to choose the right brochure designers who can design and format all the information into an engaging piece of literature. This is done by a brochure designer using their creative flair and just as importantly their brochure design experience. An experienced brochure designer will know how to bring all the information together and lay it out page by page so it’s informative and also appealing. Page layout is so important in brochure design and should be one of the first things the brochure designer should consider when embarking in designing a brochure.

Brochures Make an Impact

Giving a potential client a well designed brochure that is printed on quality paper and card will make a better impact than using a digital channel.

Due to its tangible, educational, and interactive nature, well-designed brochures have been shown to be more effective at drawing attention than other marketing initiatives like online marketing, including social media postings or display ads.

Keep in mind that for your brochure to be a successful marketing tool, it must be well-designed and eye-catching, regardless of whether it is distributed during a presentation. Your material should be coherently arranged, and the colours and graphics you use should appeal to your intended audience.

If you are considering having a brochure designed for you please contact us on 024 7660 1351. Or email info@core365.co.uk and let our brochure designers show you how to do it.

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