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The key to a successful information site is custom design.

Dr John Wong is a medical consultant for Endoscopy procedures. Endoscopy procedures are investigations for the diagnosis and treatment of disorders in gastroenterology and hepatology.

The subject matter isn’t the easiest to explain and for this reason the key to a successful looking website is custom designing every page.

By designing every page rather than simply dropping text onto a page means the style of the website continues to look professional and appealing as the content gets into some heavy and technical information.

Choice of colours is a consideration, the page layout of the text, the font chosen in different parts to highlight things are all part of the design process.

For a website with this amount of information graphic design skills are very important.

Just like designing a printed publication the way the text is laid out is very important, splitting the content with images and blocks of colour definitely makes it more appealing.

Our web designer is a trained graphic designer has designed many publications so we are perfectly placed to design websites for medical consultants.

The website for DR John Wong is https://www.endoscopyplus.co.uk

web design for a medical consultant
Screen shot of www.endoscopyplus.co.uk website
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